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Snapchat was first introduced as a picture and message-sharing platform, with its main selling point being the fact that everything you share disappears after a period of time. With time, the app has evolved into a full-on social network that millions of people use daily, and Snapchat statistics show that its rise has no intention of slowing down.

Snapchat Stats (Editor’s Choice)

  • Snapchat is the 7th most popular app in the US. (Statista)
  • Snapchat had 332 million daily active users in Q1 2022. (Snapchat)
  • With 557 million monthly users, Snapchat is the fifth most popular messaging app. (Statista)
  • Snapchat users share 2.1 million snaps every minute. (Social Pilot)
  • The average daily user of Snapchat creates more than 20 snaps per day. (Oberlo)
  • 20% of Snapchat users check out Discover daily. (Quartz)
  • 50% of all stories brands post have 6 snaps or less. (Digital Vidya)
  • 18% of male Snapchat users access the app at least once a day. (Statista)

Snapchat Usage Statistics

1. Snapchat had 332 million daily active users in Q1 2022.

In the first quarter of 2022, there are 332 million daily active users on Snapchat, accounting for an 18% YoY increase. Users are actively engaging with the platform, as Snapchat data shows they are now creating and sending over 5 billion snaps daily.

(Snapchat, Backlinko)

2. 98 million Snapchat DAUs are from North America.

North America accounts for nearly 30% of the platform’s users. While Snapchat popularity in the region is still growing, the company managed to grow its user base globally too. 84 million Snapchat DAUs are from Europe and 150 million are from other parts of the world.


3. India is the leading country per Snapchat usage.

Snapchat user statistics show that the platform’s largest audience base is in India – 126 million. Looking at Snapchat users by country, the US has the second-largest Snapchat user base (107 million), followed by France (24.2 million), the UK (20.65 million), and Saudi Arabia (20.2 million).


4. Snapchat is the 7th most popular app in the US.

With 45.98 million users, Snapchat is the 7th most popular social networking app in the US. It trails behind Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.


5. Snapchatters use the app for over half an hour a day.

Snapchat active users are opening the app 30 times a day and spend around 31 minutes on it. Every minute Snapchat sees over 2 million snaps. For reference, Twitter gets 556,860 new tweets.

(Snapchat, BroadbandSearch, Social Pilot)

6. 18% of male Snapchat users access the app at least once a day.

One might expect this number to be higher, but it appears that not even one-fifth of all males on Snapchat use the photo-sharing app daily. According to the latest Snapchat stats, females are using Snapchat just as their male peers.


7. With 557 million monthly active users, Snapchat is the fifth most popular messaging app.

Snapchat is ranked fifth among the most popular messaging apps, behind WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and QQ.


8. 60% of Snapchat daily active users use the Snapchat camera every day.

Whether they want to add a flower crown to their face, puppy ears and tongue, or puke rainbow, Snapchat statistics reveal nearly 200 million people use the app’s camera every day. The size of data that goes through the app is significant, causing Snapchat to get into a $2 billion deal with Google for their cloud storage. Luckily, all the data stays on the servers temporarily, keeping the costs semi-reasonable.

(, Fortune)

9. Over 250 million users check Snap Maps daily.

A recently added feature, Snap Maps allows users to share their location with friends, as well as view their Bitmoji on a map. A heat map is created for specific areas, and stories can be created for special events. The purpose of this feature is to easily locate your friends, see what’s happening around your area, and explore museums, sporting events, and more. As confirmed by numerous Snapchat stats, this feature showed to be one of the more important ones in recovering clients, as well as going back on track with Snapchat user growth.

(Omnicore Agency, Snapchat)

10. 200+ million daily active users engage with Snapchat AR.

As virtual and augmented reality apps started gaining popularity, Snap jumped in on the train with its own AR feature named Lens Studio. With this feature, users are able to create life-like, 3D emojis. Later on, the company introduced Snapchat World Lenses, which allow users to place those emojis in a real-life environment, using just their phone’s camera. As of 2020, users have created 1.5 billion lenses.

(Omnicore Agency, Social Media Today)

11. Snapchat facts reveal videos on the platform get around 18 billion daily views.

With the amount of puppy-eared videos people have posted in the last few years on Snapchat, it is no wonder that this number of views is achieved daily. Smart glasses with a camera, named Spectacles, were released by Snap Inc, to increase the number of videos on Snapchat.


12. The average daily user of Snapchat creates more than 20 snaps per day.

Is there a more perfect app for those who want to send a private message, photo, or video, than the one that will make the sent item disappear after 24 hours? You can message your friends some secrets, or message your loved one some naughty pictures, all without the risk of them being discovered later.


13. 20% of Snapchat users check out Discover daily.

Even though Snapchat trends indicate that most users prefer messaging or using the video feature on Snapchat, it is estimated that a fifth of all users (which is a little over 66 million people) check out their Discover feed every day. Advertising a brand on Snapchat is not only more affordable than other, more traditional mediums, but it is also more likely to reach a wider audience.

(Quartz, Snapchat)

14. Snapchat saw a 50% increase in video calls after the pandemic outbreak.

The coronavirus outbreak changed the habits of Snapchat users. Snapchat statistics reveal Snap Camera downloads increased by 30 times, and the platform saw a 50% increase in video calls as people started to practice social distancing. At the same time, people were spending 25% more time using Lenses. The pandemic also contributed to a 35% YoY increase in Discover content watching.

(Social Media Today, PPC Land, Social Media Today)

15. 40% of Gen Z-ers use Snapchat to stay informed about the COVID-19 situation.

For 40% of Gen Z members, Snapchat is the main source of information regarding COVID-19. Snapchat analysis shows that Snapchatters produced more than 445 Discover stories related to the coronavirus outbreak and over 68 million users viewed COVID-related content.

(Snapchat for Business)

Snapchat Demographics

16. 78% of internet users aged 15-35 use Snapchat.

It is interesting to know that nearly four-fifths of young(er) internet users in America are on Snapchat. Snapchat’s demographics include people of all ages, including 5% of all internet users in the States who are over the age of 56+. The largest demographic (48%) is 15-25-year-olds, followed by the 26-35 age group (30%), and 36-45-year-olds (18%).


17. 37% of internet users who reside in urban areas use Snapchat.

Snapchat usage is slowly becoming more prominent among rural internet users, even though urban internet users still lead in this category. While 26% of internet users in the US who are on Snapchat come from rural areas, 37% are located in urban environments.


18. 53.8% of Snapchat users are female.

Snapchat user demographics reveal women dominate the platform. Even though Snapchat’s officials refuse to reveal the exact Snapchat number of users by gender, sources from within the company assure us that this number is correct.


19. 20% of male and 24% of female US internet users use Snapchat.

Official Snapchat data shows that more than a third of the US population uses this app. The female population leads by a few percentage points, but this is in no way an indicator of the gender equilibrium on Snapchat.


20. 47% of US Snapchat users aged 18-29 access the app at least once a day.

Snapchat stats reveal this age group is also Snapchat’s largest user demographic. Interestingly, though, 22% of this age group claim to have never used the app, and the figure keeps growing with users’ age.


21. Snapchat reaches 48% of teenage and young adult US internet users

Young people seem to love visual platforms better. The reach of Snapchat among teens and young adults in the US is 48%. Instagram is the second most-used social media network at 63%, whereas Facebook’s reach among teens is 50%.


Financial Statistics About Snapchat

22. Snapchat took a little over $1 billion in revenue in Q1 2022.

TTM Snapchat revenue climbed to $4.1 billion in Q4 2021, adding up to a TTM revenue of $4.4 billion in Q1 2022. The platform’s growth in the previous years was so immense that they could have easily taken a hit this year, with no severe consequences.

(Snap, Inc.)

23. Snapchat’s average revenue per user is $3.44.

As per official data, Snapchat made $3.44 per user, as of Q4 2020, noting a 33% YoY increase. With the number of companies advertising on the platform, the unskippable ad feature, and the number of Snapchat users there are to see their ads, that figure is expected to more than triple this year.


24. In Q4 2020, Snapchat operating cash flow was $53 million.

Statistics on Snapchat financials show that cash flow in Q4 2020 improved by $14 million, reaching $53 million. Free cash flow reached $69 million, noting a $7 million improvement. Snapchat insights reveal that ending cash and marketable securities also increased to $2.5 billion.


25. Q1 2022 revenue in North America is $758 million.

North America accounts for $758 million of the total revenue in Q1 2022. This is a significant drop from Q4 2021 when the region’s share of revenue totaled $932 million. For comparison, Europe accounts for $162 million, whereas the rest of the world makes $142 million in revenue.


Snapchat Statistics on Commercial Use

26. 64% of companies are on Snapchat.

As with any popular medium, advertisers and digital marketing firms have found ways to utilize Snapchat to their advantage. With the addition of the Discover feed, brands have been allowed to present their products and content to users, bringing in a ton of revenue for Snapchat and themselves.


27. Snapchat’s advertising revenue will reach $5.87 billion by the end of 2026.

As Snapchat’s user base continues to grow, more businesses are recognizing the platform’s value and ‌invest in advertising on it. Snapchat advertising statistics indicate that by the end of 2022, the platform’s advertising revenue will total $3.63 billion, up from $3 billion in 2021.


28. Snapchat ads can potentially reach 498.2 million people.

The rising number of people that Snapchat reaches is the main reason why companies want to advertise their products on it. In no way can a company afford to reach that many people on TV or any other media, as the marketing campaign would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. When it comes to Snapchat, however, production costs are low for a 6 seconds video, the audience is bigger than anyone can imagine, and the cost of advertising is neglectable.

(We Are Social)

29. Snapchat can potentially influence $1 trillion in direct spending from millennials and Gen Z-ers.

Snapchat statistics on consumer behavior indicate that Snapchat users are 60% more likely to purchase something impulsive. Together, Gen Z members and Millennials have $1 trillion in spending power. Businesses leveraging Snapchat can easily get the attention of these two valuable generation groups.

(Snapchat for Business)

30. Snapchat ads can potentially reach 80.2% of Luxembourg’s population.

Snapchat statistics by country reveal that ads on the platform can potentially reach 80.2% of Luxembourg’s population. The next largest potential audience base adverts can reach is Saudi Arabia (72.2%), followed by Norway (70.4%), Bahrain (57.5%), Kuwait (54.4%), and Denmark (50.8%).


31. 11% of marketers have used Snapchat video, and only 27% have found it to be an effective strategy.

Facts about Snapchat reveal most marketers and social media marketing companies haven’t succeeded in their video campaigns on the platform, as users tend to find them obnoxious and annoying, especially if brands try to appeal to younger generations by using memes and being overall cringy. However, some marketers, such as The Washington Post, have managed to get the best of this platform and use video to maintain and improve their brand’s status as a news source with authority.


32. The three most popular brands on Snapchat are Buzzfeed, Comedy Central, and iHeartRadio.

Snapchat statistics show that 54% of users view Buzzfeed content on the Discover feed regularly, while 44% of youth and teens view Comedy Central on Snapchat. Also, iHeartRadio’s content is discovered by 32% of them. These three popular advertisers are followed by the Food Network, ESPN, CNN, and other known names. These numbers tell us that some things, such as top 10 lists and South Park, will always be popular.


33. 54.8% of Snapchat users enjoy seeing stories from brands they follow.

Clever advertisements—either in the form of a short video or a series of photos—are the way advertisers attract the attention of Snapchatters. When you think about it, Snapchat is the perfect platform to draw new customers in, as most people will simply not sit through a commercial that is longer than 30 seconds.

(Digital Vidya)

34. 88% of users enjoy viewing the entire story made by advertisers.

Short attention spans, combined with boredom and the sheer amount of time we waste staring at our phones, are the bread and butter of every Snapchat advertiser. Snapchat advertising statistics show that 88% of all Snapchat users enjoy the advertisements they discover.

(Digital Vidya)

35. 50% of all stories brands post have 6 snaps or less.

Once again, we return to the same point: keeping it short and sweet. Brands that do their best to keep their content concise generally do better than those that prefer their marketing strategies to be more complex. Even though this may have been the way to do things in the past, new media, as well as new generations, require new methods.

(Digital Vidya)

36. 61% of Snapchatters don’t follow news organizations.

Snapchat doesn’t seem to be a friendly platform for news organizations to advertise on, as nearly two-thirds of its users simply aren’t interested in what they have to offer. We’re still waiting on the data that includes new, unskippable ads, but the situation does not seem promising for the advertisers in the news business, as the Snapchat user demographics seem to be more celebrity-oriented.

(Social Media Examiner)

37. 51% of Snapchatters don’t follow sports.

More than half of Snapchatters appear not to be interested in sports. This, however, doesn’t prevent the NFL, NBA, MLS, and other major leagues and teams to advertise on Snapchat, together with known clothing brands that sponsor some of the teams.

(Social Media Examiner)

38. 57% of Snapchatters don’t follow entertainment outlets.

We have established earlier that most of Snapchat's users are young adults, nowadays commonly referred to as millennials. What millennials like are tight jeans, strange hats, and new technologies. What they dislike are shaving and TV. This is the reason why Snapchat might not be the best place to advertise those services. On the other hand, some entertainment outlets have found success through advertising on Snapchat, such as the miraculously successful marketing campaign for Deadpool.

(Social Media Examiner)

Fun Facts About Snapchat

39. The NCAA determined that coaches can use Snapchat for recruiting purposes in 2014.

After a long debate, the NCAA has ruled that colleges and coaches can use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to contact potential student-athletes. The reasoning behind the decision is that we simply need to keep up with the times. By using Snapchat, coaches are not only able to message prospective students but also send and receive videos, all while maintaining confidentiality.


40. Snapchat founders have failed 34 times before creating Snapchat.

Success doesn’t come easy, and Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, the founders of Snapchat, can testify to that. Facts about Snapchat reveal the two of them failed on 34 other projects before hitting it big with Snapchat.


41. Snapchat was introduced as an iOS-only app and called Picaboo.

The start was rough for Snapchat, or Picaboo, as it was first known. It was presented as a group project at Stanford, where their peers scrutinized the concept of self-deleting messages and found it redundant. Luckily for the two of them, the market and the general public thought differently.


42. The inspiration for Snapchat was born when Spiegel and Murphy’s friend regretted having posted a photo.

Interesting Snapchat facts reveal that, while at Stanford, Spiegel and Murphy’s fraternity brother, Reggie Brown, mentioned having regrets about sending a photo. He also, supposedly, said that he wished there was an app that automatically deletes sent photos after a while. This is how Snapchat came to be. Spiegel and Murphy took on the CEO and CTO roles, with Brown as the chief marketing officer.


43. Snapchat paid its third co-founder (Reggie Brown) $158M in cash to disappear.

Back in 2013, Spiegel and Murphy were sued by their third partner Reggie Brown, after he was denied an equal stake in the company and forced out. After filing a lawsuit against his two former partners, Brown agreed to settle for $158M in cash, denying him entry to the billionaire club with his former colleagues.

(Business Insider)

44. Snapchat has 5,661 employees.

Snapchat stats reveal that Snap, Inc. had 5,661 employees in 2021, accounting for a 46.5% YoY increase. The latest figure marks a nearly 100% increase in headcount since 2017 when the company had 2,884 employees.


45. There is an app for kids under the age of 13 named SnapKidz.

For those who haven’t yet entered their teens, there is a special feature in the app called SnapKidz where they can take photos and add captions to them, as well as draw images. Due to the age of users, there is no option to share images or videos with SnapKidz.


46. Google was interested in buying Snap for at least $30B in 2016/17.

In early 2016, rumors started spreading about Google’s offer to buy Snap for $30B. As it was later evaluated at a lower price and considering the unstable state of the market, it may prove to be a mistake on Snap’s part not to take the deal. Snapchat account stats show an impaired rise in the number of new accounts, as well as a slight decrease in the number of daily visits.

(Business Insider, Business of Apps)

47. Snapchat’s founders are worth around $8B.

Back in 2013, the founders of Snapchat were offered $3 billion for the company by Facebook. They declined the offer, and made one of the best decisions of their lives, as each of their stakes in the company was valued at $4 billion once the company went public and received a $24B valuation.

(Business Insider)

48. Snapchat stats reveal that 93% of users send a Snap of their drink.

Grabbing a quick Snap of their food or drink has become a tradition for millions of people. This popular Snapchat activity is one of the leading causes of the famous divide; Snapchat vs. Instagram. Users of the latter platform are more famous for sharing images of their food instead.

(Social Hospitality, NitDit)

49. 15% of users send Snaps of their private parts.

You might think that this number is larger, but only 15% of Snapchatters use the platform to send nudes, or at least that’s how many of them admit to it. We’re living in the age of sexual revolution and openness, and more and more people are confident with their bodies and sexuality, giving them the courage to send others photos of their private bits.


50. 59% of users have received an inappropriate Snap.

Unsolicited nudes are never a good thing, especially when a little over 195 million people receive them, as per Snapchat statistics. One of the chief concerns of mostly females around the world is receiving pictures of genitalia that they did not want to see, and this phenomenon seems to be turning into an epidemic on Snapchat.


Snapchat FAQ

How popular is Snapchat?

Counting 557 million Snapchat monthly active users, the app is the fifth most popular messaging platform worldwide. It’s the seventh most popular app in the US with 45.98 million active users. Snapchat is the most popular app among teenagers, with 35% of this demographic preferring the platform over any other social media network.


How many users does Snapchat have?

In Q1 2022, 332 million daily active users have accessed Snapchat, marking an 18% YoY increase. People are creating and sending more than 5 billion snaps every day.

(Snapchat, Backlinko)

What percentage of Snapchat users are under 18?

Snapchat age demographics data indicates that 20.9% of Snapchatters have not yet graduated from high school.


How many millennials use Snapchat?

Millennials are Snapchat’s early adopters who remain loyal to the platform. Snapchat is the most popular platform among Gen Zers and Millennials in the US, followed by TikTok and YouTube. The latest data indicates that over half of millennials are checking Snapchat daily.

(The Manifest, Statista)

What is Snapchat’s largest demographic?

Accounting for 48% of the total Snapchat user base in the US, those aged between 15 and 25 make the largest demographic on the platform.


How many people use Snapchat on average each day?

According to the latest Snapchat statistics from Q1 2022, 332 million users accessed Snapchat daily. The average Snapchatter opens the app 30 times and spends around 30 minutes on it every day.

(Snapchat, BroadbandSearch)

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